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Obituary of Lane Gerald Berge

Lane Berge, a life long resident of Dawson Creek, BC, passed away on Sunday, July 19, 2020 in Dawson Creek at the age of 35 years.


Lane was born in Dawson Creek on Tuesday, January 8th, 1985 to Dell and Viola, and was raised here alongside his brother, Shaw, and his sister, Bailie.


Growing up, Viola and Dell kept the kids busy year-round. If they weren’t helping out around the farm, Viola kept them busy with figure skating, hockey, and baseball in Rolla. Lane spent lots of time with his family, especially in the earlier years of his life. Much of his time was spent with his cousins, lending a helping hand to his grandma in the garden, or helping his grandpa and dad in the fields. Lane loved the farm and was always more than happy to lend a hand where and when it was needed. Lane was especially close with our grandma Pat, and we always joked that he was her favourite grandchild. They loved each other fiercely, and when we lost grandma it devastated Lane. Lane was also very close with our grandpa Gerald, and their love and admiration for one another remained unchanged throughout grandpa's life. Lane also had a particularly special bond with his father, Dell. He looked up to his dad all of his life, and he was, and forever will be, one of his father’s three greatest prides. When he wasn't at the farm, you could find Lane playing hockey, and motocross racing alongside his brother, and his many other friends in the community.


As an adult, one of Lane’s favourite things to do was to go sledding. Shaw recalls that every time he and Lane planned to go sledding together, Lane would be so happy and excited to be going to the mountains instead of to work that he would show up at Shaw’s house an hour too early, and say “Come on, Shaw, let’s go, we’re going sledding, come on!”


Later in life, Lane went on to become one of the best hoe operators in the business. He lived and breathed the pipeline, and he wouldn’t have changed that for the world. Since the time he was young, Lane was one of the hardest workers we knew. His work ethic alone set him apart in the eyes of many and is one of the things that made him so special.


Lane’s relationships with his brother and sister were extremely important to him. Being the eldest, Lane was always immensely protective of his siblings and went out of his way to look out for them. Growing up, Lane, Shaw, and Bailie did almost everything together. From riding the school bus together, to participating in the same sports, the three of them were rarely ever seen apart. They were not only siblings but also best friends. Their relationships remained this way for the rest of Lane's life. I know that I can speak for both Shaw and Bailie when I say that Lane was one of the most important people in their lives and that now that he is gone, he has taken a part of both of their hearts with him.


Lane was lucky to meet Krystle, the love of his life,  when he was only 16, and her, 15. Lane and Krystle were married in 2009. Their love has been described as being a different kind of love; the once in a lifetime type. I always admired the way that Lane and Krystle loved one another. Their passion was evident in the way they looked at each other, and it radiated throughout a room. To put it simply, they were, and always will be, the loves of one another’s lives. Lane and Krystle went on to have two beautiful girls; Alyssa Rose, born August 13th, 2011, and Aubrey Jade, born May 5th, 2013, or Lyss and Aubs, as Lane liked to call them. When I say that these little girls were the light of Lane’s life, I mean it. He loved them more than anything in this world. They were the center around which Lane’s life orbited. My only wish is that they could have had more years being surrounded by his love, but I know that their Mom, and both of our families, will never let them forget how much their Dad loved them.


Lane was the type of man that would give the shirt off of his back to anyone that needed it. He was fiercely loyal to his friends and family and had a way of making people always feel like they were looked after if he was around. Lane was fun-loving, charismatic, playful, and was always on the lookout for a good time. If there was a boundary to cross, you can bet that Lane crossed it. He liked to shock people with words, and you never knew what to expect when he opened his mouth. Most importantly, Lane showed us all that we should never be afraid to be ourselves, and taught us how to love other people with an unfaltering passion. Lane had a thirst for life, and always kept us on our toes, and I can speak for all of us when I say that “on our toes” is the understatement of the year.


What I wouldn’t do to hear that laugh, see that smile, feel one of his big hugs, or hear him say “c’mon Mads, it’ll be fun” one more time whilst trying to convince me to do something that I knew I’d probably get in trouble for.


Our lives will truly never be the same again. We will spend the rest of our lives loving you and missing you, Lane Berge. 


A Celebration of Life for Lane was held at the Berge Family Farm on Saturday, July 25,2020.


Very Respectfully Reynars funeral Home & Crematorium.

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