Clint Lowes
Clint Lowes

Obituary of Clint Lowes

It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of Clinton Van Lowes, on July 20, 2020 in Dawson Creek, British Columbia at the age of 58. He was born August 21, 1961 in Dawson Creek. Born the oldest of 4 Children to Thomas Meade Lowes and Nora Mae Lowes, his curiosity and unstoppable energy would prove to be a challenge, the transition was missed from crawling to walking, he went straight to Running.

Growing up south of Dawson in Fellers Heights, was the ultimate adventure for any child, the country, the hills, abundant wildlife, close Family and Friends always around.

The adventures started from the moment his eyes opened, every day a new adventure.

Clint excelled in Sports all through Grade school and into high school, very competitive, he could be the best at whatever he chose to do, but he loved all sports to do with Running.

Clint could keep things Simple yet very entertaining. Long games of Monopoly and his Favorite "Risk" were played until the bitter end where he could announce "Victory", very rare if ever did he lose.

Mom read her Bible every day, if she wasn't reading it was within arms-length, which influenced all of us with Gods word, Clint adopted that trait, he studied his Bible front to back, wandering down the many paths ahead of him, his beliefs always anchored him to home.

Clint Loved Cooking and Baking, while the rest of us were good with Bannock, Clint liked "Crepes", Grey Poupon condiments, Expensive Stinky Cheese (Not the great Whiz kind), a Nip of Good Scotch (if there is such a thing) and probably "Haggis" too.

Clint Spent a few years working at different Restaurants as an Assistant Chef and prep cook, he enjoyed the challenge to create and the groups of people he was part of. With that challenge met without much excitement, he seemed to always seek the "Danger Factor",  Jumping from the peek on the house into snow pile, climbing the tallest towers and trees, standing at the edge of a cliff looking down calculating in his mind how many feet to the bottom, it seemed all of these things he had such fearlessness and a care-free attitude.

Clint Loved Nature, Wilderness, Hunting, wandering where the wind blew, then the Perfect career came along, "Tree Trimming" Ropes, Saws, Tall trees, Traveling the Province, a Group of great guys to work with and "High Voltage" Power lines, what's not to Love about it.

"Tree topping" is an extra Certification only a select few could say they had, Clint was one of those few. Testing in Southern B.C. The Pictures and Video of Topping 200ft Cedar and Douglas Fir trees, it was one of Clint's callings in life he took very seriously as a Journeyman Arborist, teaching many others the Craft he so Loved.

Clint is predeceased by his Mom, Nora Mae Lowes and Dad, Thomas Lowes

He is survived by Sister, Caryn, Brothers Travis and Vance, Nieces and Nephews, Aunts, Uncles and Friends, we will continue to Love and miss you until we meet again.

A solitary Man in the Vast Expanse and wonder of the Universe is home now, back with those who have gone before you, a new beginning and no time limit on Exploration........Ride on.


                                                                Stingy with Words, So Deep in Thought


He sits in solitude, his Bright Blue eyes sparkle with thoughts of curiosity and wonder, amazed with even the smallest of God's creations.

So many questions need answered, Why, Where, How, the Purpose, Reasons.

The quest for knowledge and understanding, for no other reason than self-satisfaction.

"Wise Owl" Sitting on a branch, high in a tree, watching all who come and go. Words spoken may be many or very few, depending on the conversation or answer you seek.

You have earned your perch high above to see all, the answers to every question you searched for, make perfect sense now.

Until we are all together again "My Brother", the Conversations we will have, I won't be able to shut you up.

                                                     All my Love, Your Friend, Your Brother.


Very Respectfully Reynars Funeral Home & Crematorium

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