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Obituary of Renie Dagasso



Renie Dagasso passed away on Sunday, February 11, 2018 in the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia in Prince George at the age of 66 years.


Renie was born in Dawson Creek, B.C. in 1951, son to one the first homesteaders to be born here. He had a deep love of the Northern County, but especially his home town.


Renie was someone who was easy to like and call a friend, from the moment he shook your hand and greeted you with his smile, you knew he was someone you would like to know better. He always had a coffee and a helping hand at the ready (usually followed by more coffee) and a sense of humour that could bring a smile to your face and brighten any day.


By far his favourite thing was to have his tools in hand, and a project started, that said, he was always up for a new challenge.


Renie first worked at Beaver Lumber for his father in Dawson Creek and moved on to other jobs in the area, he would later work in Mackenzie and attain his Heavy Duty Mechanics ticket in 1978. His work would take him to Tumbler Ridge and lastly in the Northwest Territories. Many of his jobs required he be in and out of camp so in 2009 when his health began to fail and he found he had much more time at home, he had more time to tinker and found more projects to work on.


Those that knew and loved him often found themselves, willingly or somewhat unwillingly, helping him with all the things he planned to do and work on although no-one ever really minded much. He was always ready and willing to return the favour and many times first on the scene to help out a friend or neighbour, becoming known lovingly to some as Rescue Renie.


Cars, trucks, motor bikes, machines, tools, and shops, his home and yard was a little boy’s toybox that became lifesize and real for him to play with. He had almost all the things you could imagine and the knowledge and skills to use them all. Something no one ever could or would change about him.


He loved to show you his newest toy and how it worked, you could see the twinkle in his eyes grow brighter the more he could show you what he had, how it worked and if you could find something you might need it for his excitement was infectious and the planning started.


Although he often joked about being cremated, and put in a box in the trunk of his wife’s car so he could help her out one last time, the family has unanimously decided to fulfill only half of that wish, we hope he would understand.


His children, and grandchildren were important to him, and he to them. He would love to teach and make them think with riddles or puzzles, or patiently watch as he gave them a job to do and let them figure out how to do it, waiting until they were stuck to give them a hint. When he played with the kids it was easy to see he was just a big kid himself.


Candy can’t be forgotten because there was always plenty for him and the kids alike, and at his youngest daughter request it’s planned to keep his candy dish full.


Renie was predeceased by his parents Reno and Dorothy, brother Joey and daughter Heidi.


Renie is survived by his loving wife, Janice, his brother Daniel (Jane), his children Shawn (Tracy), Nickie, Loren and Crystal, his grandchildren Dominick, Erica, David, Dennis, Jessica, Chelsea, Jacob and Hannah.


Renie will be deeply missed by all who knew him, his death was a shock to all.


Forever In Our Hearts


Friends were invited to join Renie's family for a gathering of remembrance and a final coffee on Saturday, February 17, 2018 from 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM at 1858 206 Road hosted by his life-long friends,

Sharon and Dusty Smith.



Very Respectfully Reynars Funeral Home and Crematorium