Bill Waters

Obituary of Bill Waters

William Glen Waters was born on August 16, 1944, in Dawson Creek. He was also known as Billy Waters, Sweet William, as our second family from Wanham called him, in the navy he was known as Muddy Waters and his friends in Chetwynd called him Whiskey Waters. No matter what name he went by, he always had fun and lived life to its fullest. In 1948, Mom, Dad and Bill moved to Wanham Alberta and started a land clearing business. While we lived in Wanham the Waters family and the Leriger family adopted each other. In the early 50's we moved to Dawson Creek, but the Lerigers always remained family. About 1963 Mom, Dad and I moved to Chetwynd. Bill remained in Dawson Creek and worked at the CJDC television station. He worked there part time in the evenings and finished high school in Dawson Creek. In 1965 we all moved to California. When we settled in California, Bill was immediately drafted and joined the US Navy. In his tradition of living life to its fullest, he joined the submarine core and served on the USS Ronquil for four years. When Bill finished his term in the Navy, he enrolled in college in Sacramento, and eventually in the University of California Davis campus. He studied science and worked in the palmology department. Like everywhere else, they loved him there, but he felt the urge for change and moved to Oroville California, where he helped manage an olive orchard. In California he met Judy Walton, fell in love and was soon married. In February 1974 Kim was born, and that was so much fun they thought they should have another. In 1975 Stacy was born. In 1976 Bill and his family moved back to Chetwynd. Before long another daughter, Sandy, was born. Bill's kids and ours were close to the same age and we all had lots of fun together with ski trips and camping trips together. In the fall of 1998, Bill was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told him to get everything in order before Christmas. Of course Bill wasn't going to give up just like that. Bill continued to defy all odds. On the evening of March 6, 2009, he decided to pass on peacefully to join Judy and Sandy. Bill was predeceased by Mom and Dad, his daughter Sandy and his wife Judy. He is survived by two daughters, Kim and Stacy. By Kim's three children Jennifer, Desiree, and Bryce and by great granddaughter Kera-Lynn. By Stacy's children Brooke, Daylon and Drea MacMillan. And by two brothers, Stan McCarter and myself Ray Waters. Eulogy Presented By: Bill's brother, Ray Waters A Memorial Service was held on Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 1:00pm at the Chetwynd Baptist Church. Pastor Bill Evans officiated. Interment followed in the Tuscoola Mountain Cemetery. Very Respectfully, Reynars Funeral Home & Crematorium.
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