Sunny Mager

Obituary of Sunny Mager

Sunny was born April 2, 1933 in Edmonton, Alberta. He passed away on June 16, 2009 in Dawson Creek, at the age of 76 years. A funeral service was held on June, 20, at 2:00 pm at Reynars Funeral Chapel, Pastor Gordon Warriner officiated. Sunny learned how to wire when he was 15 and worked at Helgrud Electric in Fort St. John. He earned 35 cents an hour. In the 1950s, when Sunny was a teenager, he satisfied his love of music by playing in the Northern Lights Big Band. He played the B Flat Tenor Saxophone. He also played in the Air Force Band and for dances in Fort Nelson. While in Fort Nelson, he also worked for the Air Force as an electrician. When Sunny returned to Fort St. John, he satisfied his love of airplanes by getting his private pilots license. He also learned how to be a movie projectionist and got a job at the Carlsonia Theatre. The theatre played Roman movies and lots of Sandra Dee but the most popular were the Westerns. While attending a family gathering at his friend's, it was there that he met Fern Beattie and he quickly fell in love, on June 15, 1955, they married. They moved into a little house in Fort St. John and 2 years later their first child, Brenda, was born. 6 years later, a second daughter, Ronna, was born. Sunny loved his family more than anything, especially his wife who always held a special place in his heart. He routinely referred to Fern as the most beautiful girl in the world and his one true love. On July 15, 1964, Sunny went to work for the CN as an electrician. He had to uproot his family to Dawson Creek in order to take the job. The family was sad to leave their home, especially Fern who had to leave family behind. Sunny worked for the CN for 13 years while there he spent lots of time traveling up and down the Alaska Highway, Whitehorse, Pelly Bay, Hay River, and even Dawson City. In 1977, the CN wanted Sunny to move to Whitehorse. After telling his family, he realized, they didn't want to leave the life they had made in Dawson Creek. So Sunny made the hard decision to leave the CN and stay in Dawson for the love of his family. He decided to start his own company, Sunfern Electric, which he named for himself and his supportive wife. Sunny was a great listener and easy to talk to. He was never judgmental he had a great sense of humor and was constantly playing jokes on those he loved. But the thing he is remembered most for is his enduring love. He loved us wholly, unconditionally, and we will miss him terribly. We love you Sunny and we will never forget you. Sunny is survived by his wife Fern;daughters Brenda Mager, Ronna (Kelvin) Torgerson, and grandchildren: Sara, Craig and Matthew Torgerson. Written and presented by Granddaughter, Sara Torgerson,
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