Randy Roth

Randy Arnold Roth, a long-time resident of Dawson Creek B.C passed away October 21, 2017 in the Dawson Creek and District Hospital at the age of 57 years.

He was born in Edmonton, Alberta on February 16, 1960 to Sam and Ethel Roth.  He was the 2nd of four children.

In 1962-63 they moved to Dawson Creek where they lived across the back alley from me (Dave). They lived there until his Father Sam bought the farm out here in 1967 and they moved in 68. A lot of good stories have come out of his time on the farm with the family, from his brother Joe giving him the lasting nickname “Pinky” because Randy didn’t take the sun very well and turned pink while Joe turned brown. To Randy’s favorite banty Rooster that always won when the chickens would get into fights, until the day Bev ran across the yard with it on top of her head and she beat it to death with a milk pail. In 1975 Ethel passed away and all but Bev moved to Burns Lake where Randy spent some time working for Sam at the Pepsi Cola Franchise. Here he would meet Debbie Giesbrecht and Randy would have his first 2 of 4 children; Brandy in December of 1980 and Ryan in February of 1982.

In 1982 Randy moved back to Dawson Creek where he and Shane Roth spend a summer touring around BC and AB giving kids rides on horses and a carousel where they’d have to break their own horses.  Randy would wait until Shane wasn’t looking and he’d give Shane’s horse a kick in the flank and it would start bucking and send Shane flying to the ground. One night they had a few to many drinks, and when they woke up in the morning the horses had gotten loose and were playing in traffic out on the highway. Randy also spent some time trucking with Sam around the area and up in Red Earth hauling water and crude oil. When Louisiana Pacific opened they started hauling logs.

In the summer of 1987 Randy was playing ball for the Rolla Renegades, when a good-looking blonde collided with him on first base, she never made it to second base but eventually Randy did and in 1989 Timothy came along, with Matthew shortly after in 1991.  He made that blonde, who we all know as Pam, his wife in 1993.

In the 90’s Randy started a trucking company titled RTM trucking which stood for (Randy, Tim and Matt). In 2000 his father Sam wanted out of trucking and Randy wanted in, so he bought Roth Trucking.  Randy hauled logs into Louisiana Pacific where his wife ran the scale shack, which really helped when he came in either over height or over weight.  In 2008 LP said they would be closing the doors so Randy converted his logging trailers so they could haul swamp mating and he bought a clam for hauling gravel.  Other companies were cutting rates to get work and Randy had had enough so he sold the trucks in fall of 2008 and “went to get a job” as he said.  He spent a couple years with CRS and a year stint with me (Dave) hauling produced water. In 2011 he got his dream job working 4 days a week hauling fuel from Edmonton back to town. He called it his “retirement gig”.

In 1997 Randy got the boys into motocross to teach them how to better understand the operation of an engine and how to work on them.  Randy spent many hours down at the shop teaching the boys how to tear the bikes apart, cleaning, repairing, and modifying them. Randy really enjoyed porting out the intake and exhaust ports to get as much air into the engine as possible.  He also like taking the boys all over the place for different races from indoor races in Chilliwack to outdoor races in Kamloops and Taber, Alberta.

Randy and Pam also loved to travel to Mexico, they went there on three separate occasions to soak up the heat, sun, and cheap booze. Randy was a very unique, kind, caring, and loving man.  He was always learning new things and passing his knowledge onto others. He was loved, and will be missed by so many.

Randy is survived by his loving Wife of 24 years, Pamela, Children; Brandy, Ryan, Timothy, Matthew, Grandchildren; Summer, Ellora, Benjamin, Sisters; Beverly, Wendy, Janelle, Donna, Brothers; Joseph, Brian, Kevin, Mother; Edna and numerous extended family and many special friends.

Randy was predeceased by his Parents; Samuel and Ethel Roth.

Randy’s family and friends gathered to celebrate Randy’s life on Saturday,October 28,2017 at the Doe River Hall.

For friends so wishing, donations may be made in memory of Randy to the Canadian Cancer Society, 10425 10 Street, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 2L4.

Very Respectfully Reynars Funeral Home and Crematorium